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“He owns what he knows for he was born to express himself freely.”

Stop The Noise.

When we work from a place where we believe we are enough, that is when we stop screaming and start listening. We are kinder and gentler to the people around us and most importantly we are kinder and gentler to ourselves.

Go ahead, Suit it up. 

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Shattered Mirrors.

The eyes of the beholder sees his reflection,
Yet disappointment is always staring back at him.
He finally realizes their is no way of winning,
When he was the one who created the game.
No matter how hard, 
No matter how long,
No matter how small,
He yearns to turn his back on his unfaithful conscience,
Yet he continuously dwells upon the darkest hole within in soul,
And expects to grow forward in his healing. 
He has the choice to stop his cries,
But the damaging words that are beneath his flesh,
Are able to remain written against his covered chest,
While his mind is slowly deteriorating. 

Be the trend setter. Milan fashion week f/w 2013

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Top picks from Kenneth Cole Collection Men’s Fall 2013

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Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke 2013

Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke 2013

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A Moment in Time.

Her eyes greet me as if she once knew me.

A genuine smile reveals the comfort of her innocence.

Time is dripping as my resistance is slipping.

The rhythm of our breaths,

As I press my body against her chest,

Soothes my guard of hesitation.

Two strangers intertwined like lost lovers.

The pain sets in knowing that a new day means losing her forever.

My heart will never be the same. 


Only in Paris…Paris Fashion Week 2013. 

Only in Paris…Paris Fashion Week 2013. 

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